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Theo's Ice-Cream Conundrum 🍦

🎉🌟 Breaking News at Holywell Primary! 🌟🎉


👦🏼 Meet Theo, our brilliant Year 3 student at Holywell Primary School, who has been on a mission to solve an ice-cream mystery involving flavours and toppings! 🕵️‍🍨 Theo's dedication and hard work have led him to uncover all possible combinations, showcasing his amazing problem-solving skills! 🔍💡


🏫 Let's give him a round of applause 👏👏 for his fantastic effort! 🌟👍 #TeamHolywell #StudentSuccess #ProudHeadteacher


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Way to go, Theo! Your determination and creativity are truly commendable! 🎉👏 #HELP