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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that parents/carers who are new to our school will have many questions and concerns. Staff at the school are often asked questions in relation to children’s education, school timings, procedures and a myriad of other topics.


We won't have answered them all here but we have provided answers below to our most commonly asked questions in the hope that parents are able to find information they are looking for quickly without having to take time out to contact the school.


If your particular question is not answered here then please do contact the school via the form at the bottom of the page or via the information on our Contact Information page.

attendance and timekeeping


What are school opening and closing times?


School usually starts at 8:50 am each day with gates open at 8:30am and children able to walk to class from 8:40am.  All pupils will be ready to collect in the afternoon at 3:15pm each day.


There are a few occasions such as end of term days where the pick up time maybe be earlier.  All of these occasions are listed on our school diary, in newsletters and on the Latest News page.


What do I do if my child is late to school?


Take child to the main office and sign them in.  One of our Office Staff will then let your child in and they can go to class.


What do I do if I am going to late in collecting my child?


There are times when parents are late collecting their child from school through delays and circumstances out of their control.  If this is likely to happen to you, we ask you contact school and the expected delay is given.  We can then make arrangements to let your child know what is happening and when they will be collected.


If a child is not collected and no reason is given they will go to Kids Club and be charged in accordance with their charging policy.


If a child is still not collected, Children’s Social Care will be contacted.


Can I send someone else to pick up my child?


If you need someone else to come to school to collect your children, please speak to the class teacher in the morning or leave a message with Mrs Poulter, Mrs Burch or Mrs Snellings in the office. Each child has a data overview sheet with people who are allowed to collect them.


How do I report my child's absence from school?


Telephone school on the day of the absence before 9.30am and inform our administrator Mrs Poulter so she can let class staff know. A message can be left on the answer machine if she is not available.


When are the school holidays?


Full details for the current and next years term dates can be found on our calendar and diary information page.


Can I take my child on holiday during term time?


The short answer is No. Attending school is a compulsory obligation that parents must adhere to and therefore you should avoid taking your child out of school. If you wish to have a special case considered then you are required to complete a request for leave of absence form which can be requested from the school office.


The school has a policy around attendance where full details of the requirements and penalties can be found.


How will I be informed if there is an enforced school closure?


On the very rare occasion that the school needs to close we will inform all parents via Parentmail. Information will also be shared via local radio stations and Kent School Closures website.

school uniform


Does school uniform have to be branded school uniform?


Parents do not have to purchase school branded uniform.  There are many supermarkets which stock appropriate school uniform in our school colours and you are welcome to purchase from wherever you wish.  Please see our School Uniform page for details of what should be worn.


Where can I buy branded school uniform from?


You can buy school uniform from the school. Please visit our School Uniform information page where full details on what pupils should wear as uniform and PE kit. Information on pricing and a downloadable order form is available at the top of this page.


How much does school uniform cost?


Please visit our School Uniform information page where full details on what pupils should wear as uniform and PE kit. Information on pricing and a downloadable order form is available on this page.


Can my child wear jewellery in school?


We ask pupils do not wear jewellery in school.  Small stud earrings can be worn but these must be removed by pupils on PE days. If your child can not remove their own earrings we ask that they do not wear them.  Schools are busy places and we find that jewellery can cause unnecessary accidents.

meals and drinks


How long do the children get to eat lunch?


All children in school have one hour for their lunch.  This allows plenty of time for them to eat and socialise with their peers.


How much is a school dinner?


Our school dinners are provided by Nourish at a daily cost £2.30 per meal.  These can be paid weekly, monthly or by term. Our menu and information about Nourish is available on our School Meals page. 


How do I claim Free School Meals?


How much is milk?


Is drinking water available?


What should I put in my child's packed lunch?


Its my child birthday, can I send in sweets/treats?



health issues


What do I do if my child is prescribed medication?


What happens if my child has a medical/dental appointment?


How long before my child can return to school after an illness?


What happens if my child has an accident at school?


What do I do if my child has headlice?

transport and parking


Can I park at the school?


Can my child cycle to school?

home-school communication


What do I do if I need to see a teacher?


How can parents get involved?


How do you communicate with parents?


Do you have a school council?


How will my child be able to contribute their views?


How much is after school club and how do I book it?



What should I do if I am worried about my child's progress?


What if my child can't speak English?


How is my child prepared for moving on to High School?


How can I protect my child when using new technology?

other questions


Is there a guide for the jargon used in Primary Schools?


Where do I go to locate lost Property?


What clubs are there?


What does SEN / SENCo / IPP stand for?


What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by Holywell Primary School?


What is the school fund for?