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Year 6 - Challenger Class

Welcome to YEAR 6 - CHALLENGER Class!


Class Teachers - Mr Purser

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Crawley

End of Year expectations for Year 6 English and Maths

Support at home

There are many comprehension texts available for children at a reasonable price that ensure they understand and can explain what they have read. 


A resource that I have found useful for this in the past is CGP comprehension. 

These are available from Amazon (among other sites) and provide short texts and questions for each one. They are published aimed at specific year groups, however, if your child needs a boost in reading, it may be advisable to start with materials for Year 3/4/5 and work up to Year 6. 

Home learning support - reading



How do you rate your spelling skills? Do you think you could do with some extra practice? 

Have a go at Doorway Speller and see if you can master each level.


Click on the link above and enter the site to practice some of those tricky spelling patterns.


Some of the first levels maybe a bit easy for Year 6. Try starting C (First-Second Level) and see how you go. Be sure to update me on your progress!




And finally...


Throughout all of our learning at school we encourage children to use positive habits of mind. These are key strategies that children can adopt to help them build confidence and resilience in their learning journey. Although rewarding, learning something new can be a frustrating and difficult experience. To see how we support children to reach their learning goals, have a look at the attached document which outlines each habit of mind. By following these we hope children will have a happy and rewarding time at school.

Habits of Mind