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Come and meet the staff at our school!



Mrs Espley                                                                 

Head of School

Mrs Espley Facts

  • I was a student at Holywell
  • I have a dog called Hannah
  • I love travelling!


Mr Howard

Executive Headteacher

Mr Howard Facts



Mr Ball

Assistant Headteacher for Teaching, Learning and Development, ECT Mentor, Designated Safeguarding Leader, Science and Technology Team Leader, Geography Leader, Year 6 teacher

Mr Ball Facts

  • I like collecting facts.  Did you know that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the earth?
  • I am what I am and what I am, needs no excuses.
  • Saveloy!


Mrs Warner

SENCO, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader, Music Leader Team Leader, Year 6 teacher

Mrs Warner Facts

  • I love, love, love reading
  • I enjoy walks with my dog
  • I hate, hate, hate brussel sprouts!


    Mrs Snellings                                                                

    School Business Manager, Premises Manager

    Mrs Snellings Facts

    • I run Upchurch Guides
    • I love German Shepherd dogs and I have one called Nyla
    • I love camping




    Miss Wildman

    Year R Class Teacher and History Leader

    Miss Wildman Facts



    Miss Sheehan

    Year 1 Teacher and Art Leader

    Miss Sheehan Facts



    Miss Glass

    Year 2 Teacher, Maths Leader, Science and Technology Team

    Miss Glass Facts

    • I studied dance at university
    • I love reading or watching any kind of crime drama
    • I can do 'the worm' with my eyebrows!


    Mrs Jemison

    Year 2 Trainee Teacher

    Mrs Jemison Facts


    Mrs Mittoo

    Year 3 Teacher, Science and Technology Team

    Mrs Mittoo Facts

    • I'm from India and have been living in the UK for the last 14 years
    • My husband and my daughter are my best friends
    • I love travelling around the world and reading books


    Mr Hogan

    Year 4 Teacher, Science and Technology Team

    Mr Hogan Facts

    • I have a cocker spaniel called Jess
    • I support West Ham United
    • I love watching and playing cricket


    Miss Lassman   

    Year 5 Teacher, Pupil Premium and Inclusion Leader, English Leader, Hearts and Minds Team

    Miss Lassman Facts

    • I can touch my nose with my tongue
    • I'm a chocoholic
    • I am a secret Superhero!


    Mr Tiernan

    Computing Teacher for Key Stage 2

    Mr Tiernan Facts





    Mrs Jempson

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

    Mrs Jempson Facts 

    • I like walking especially with my dog
    • I love gardening and I love flowers
    • I love sunshine it makes me very happy


    Miss Smith 

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

    Miss Smith Facts

    • I love football and I support Gillingham Football Club
    • I like going on hikes
    • I love going on holiday!


    Miss Payne

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

    Miss Payne Facts

    • I enjoy making hair bows
    • I love to read
    • I love to make cakes and eat them


    Miss Lewin

    Teaching Assistant, Midday Meal Supervisor and Breakfast and After school Club

    Miss Lewin Facts

    • I have a husky
    • I love swimming
    • Polar bears are my favourite animal


    Mrs Horn

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

    Mrs Horn Facts

    • I have a son in the school
    • I put garlic on my roast potatoes
    • I love cows!


    Miss Schopman

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

    Miss Schopman Facts

    • I love going on holiday
    • Christmas is my favourite time of the year
    • I have a cat named Jess 


    Mrs Martin

    Teaching Assistant, English Support, Midday Meal Supervisor

    Mrs Martin Facts

    • I like knitting and cross stitch
    • I enjoy watching Ice Hockey
    • My favourite food is pie!


    Miss G Stepanuik

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

    Miss Stepanuik Facts


    Mrs Vigar

    Teaching Assistant, Pediatric First Aid 

    Mrs Vigar Facts

    • I love dancing and listening to music
    • I enjoy watching the Grand Prix and driving my car
    • I support West Ham and enjoy both watching and teaching football


    Mrs Eakins

    Teaching Assistant, SEN Support

    Mrs Eakins Facts

    • I come from South Africa and have lived in England for 10 years
    • I love a good braai (which means BBQ) with my family and I love cooking and baking South African food
    • I will always support the Springboks, the South African rugby team


    Mrs Ingall

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

    Mrs Ingall Facts

    • I love spending time with my family
    • My favourite thing to do is to go on holiday and lay in the sun, reading a good book
    • I love shopping!


    Mrs Webb

    Teaching Assistant, SEN Support, Midday Meal Supervisor

    Mrs Webb Facts

    • I like horse riding
    • I like shopping
    • I like looking after my grandson


    Mrs Mace

    Forest School Leader, Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

    Mrs Mace Facts

    • I love dancing in the rain
    • When I grow up I want to be an astronaut
    • I love sea turtles and sloths!


    Mrs Crawley

    Teaching Assistant, Maths Support, Science and Technology Team

    Mrs Crawleys Facts

    • I love to do housework with my music on loud
    • I enjoy shopping, especially for shoes and bags
    • My favourite food is Nando's


    Mrs Quinn

    Midday Meal Supervisor

    Mrs Quinn Facts




          Mrs Poulter

          Office Secretary

          Mrs Poulter Facts

          • I love Winne The Pooh
          • I love baking
          • I am half Norwegian


          Miss O'Brien

          Administrative Assistant

          Miss O'Brien Facts

          • I love going on holiday!
          • I love football and go watch it every weekend!
          • My favourite colour is pink


          Mrs Burch                                                                

          Financial Bursar

          Mrs Burch Facts

          • I have 4 boys who were former pupils of Holywell School
          • I have eaten frogs legs and snails
          • I had a tiny part in a film as a pupil of a school


          Mrs Shellard

          Family Liaison Officer, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Hearts and Minds Team

          Mrs Shellard Facts

          • I can tap dance
          • I bake yummy cakes
          • I love animals and have had lots of pets from horses to mice


          Mr Gull


          Mr Gull Facts



                  Mrs Jackson


                  Mrs Jackson Facts

                    • I love cooking
                    • I love having my grandson
                    • I love walking and cycling 


                          WRAP AROUND CARE STAFF


                          Lisa Martin

                          Breakfast and After School Club

                          Lisa's facts

                          • I support Liverpool Football Club
                          • I have a tortoise called Speedy!
                          • I like collecting shark teeth!