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Year 5 - Pioneer Class

Welcome to YEAR 5 - PIONEER Class!


Class Teachers - Mrs Banning and Mr Tiernan

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Martin


Term 4


This term we will be continuing our work on Fractions. As the term progresses, we will be moving onto decimals and percentages. Please keep an eye on our Class Dojo story for the types of problems the children are working on.

We are now fully up and running with Times Tables Rockstars - All children have their logins and I look forward to seeing how many Rock Stars we can get in Pioneer. This really is an excellent resource to improve fluency and speed in recalling multiplication and division facts, which are essential in so many areas of maths. Please do encourage your children to practise as often as you can! Here is a link to the website:



This term we will be having a big focus on creative writing. The children will be spending one to two weeks working on developing stories from different genres. They will be planning, writing and editing their stories focusing on different writing skills and SPAG as they go. We will be sharing examples of these on our Class Story.

Our Power of Reading book this term is Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. As part of our study of this book, the children will be learning to use key reading skills such as inference: reading between the lines from the author’s use of language.


Accelerated Reader:

Recently we visited the Accelerated Reader "Top performing Primary School in England" to look for ways to improve our use of Accelerated Reader. In response to this we have made the following changes:

  • Each child now has a point target for each term - Children receive points from completing books and passing quizzes. This target is specific to each child.
  • Children are expected to complete at least one text each week - They are advised if they have a long book to read a short text in addition so they can complete a test. We have a tracker in the classroom so we can remind the children to take a test if needed.



As you are aware, the children receive weekly spellings and timetables to learn and practise each week. All children have been issued a new book to bring home their spellings and times tables.  We will be having check - ins on the spellings and times tables we have been learning every Monday afternoon. Please talk to your children about how they are getting on with their homework. These are key skills and it is important the children do their upmost to learn them.


Term 3

This Week's Learning 7/1/19 - 11/1/19

Term 2

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