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Year 5 - Pioneer Class

Welcome to YEAR 5 - PIONEER Class!


Class Teachers - Miss David & Miss Taylor

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Crawley


Year 5 Entrance to Secondary School information evening

Term 5


This term we have been learning how to be responsible bloggers.  We have looked at blogs from children at schools around the world and have been planning our own.  Watch this space, they will be coming at the start of Term 6!

Term 4


Term 4 has been a massively busy time!  Take a look at our photos below.

Pioneer Watercolour Challenge

The Big Dig and Super Skipping Afternoon

Animal Sculture Topic in Art

Activities from STEM week

Pioneer helping with the Great Spring Clean

Pioneer helping with the Great Spring Clean 1
Pioneer helping with the Great Spring Clean 2

Term 3


What a busy time Term 3 has been!  There has been so much learning going on, we are almost dizzy with excitement!



In English we have been reading Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. We have really enjoyed this exciting spy thriller and will be continuing it for a short while next term. In it, a young boy called Alex is forced to become a secret agent. We have debated whether this was a good thing or a bad thing and thought about UNICEF’s articles from the Convention of the Rights of the Child to back up our arguments. We have also written diaries and informal letters to other characters, assuming the role of Alex. 


Click on the picture below to follow the audiobook on youtube.




In maths, we have been investigating number in  variety of ways.  We have been improving our times tables recall and number facts with our daily mental maths challenges and mental maths sessions.


We have learned to calculate area and perimeter for both simple and composite rectilinear shapes, including calculating the area and perimeter of our classroom and school grounds.


We have explored factors, squared and cubed numbers and even had a g at calculating abundant numbers - something we found really tricky!


If you'd like to have a go at a good maths game, try maths invaders.  Choose a game and try to challenge yourself with the difficulty level...




Science has allowed us to investigate different materials and their properties. We have investigated which materials would act as the best insulators for Miss David’s morning cup of tea as well as focusing on scientific enquiry and variables. We will be continuing this next term.


Gadgets for Stormbreaker

Term 2



​We are reading 'The London Eye Mystery' for our Power of Reading book. As a class we are thoroughly enjoying this book and have had some great class discussions about the different characters. Through this book we have learnt how to create suspense and mystery writing as well as writing a diary recount.



​This term we have investigated geometry. We have identified different angles in shapes and learnt how to regular and irregular polygons. As well as learning about 2D shapes we have extended or understanding of 3D shapes and applied our knowledge of 2D shapes to make nets and models of 3D shapes. We had great fun using marshmallows and ticks to create 3D models.



​During this term we are learning about Tudors and Stuarts. We have researched the changes to the Monarch over this period of time. Also we are researching a comparing social contexts such as housing within the Tudor period and modern day life.

Term 1

I cannot believe we are already beginning week 4! The time is flying by already.


This week is looking to be a very busy week with lots of exciting learning taking place. On Tuesday 27th we are lucky to be having Zoos 4u coming into Year 5 and 6 to talk to us about animals and their life cycles and habitats.


Keep a look out as pictures and information will be posted here!


We all thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different types of animals and their life cycles. We also discovered some very interesting facts.


Did you know that chinchillas will send their blood up to their ears when it is too hot? The ears are so thin that they cool the blood down quickly and then it gets re-pumped around its body!