Sunday, 30 August 2015
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Holywell Primary School

Recognising and Realising Aspirations

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Welcome to Holywell Primary School!

We often talk about everyone who comes through our doors becoming part of our 'Holywell family'.Today, we wish a fond farewell to the mother of that family - our friend, our Office Manager, our number one mainstay - Mrs Janice 'Bunts' Bunting.

They say a school can only be as successful as its team and that's certainly true for us with Mrs B at the helm for the last 26 years.

As her retirement has approached, we have decorated parts of the school with 'Mrs Bunting bunting' made by the children themselves.  Although the images were all very different, the message was always the same: "We will miss you, Mrs Bunting".

On Friday evening, we organised a celebration evening with the theme 'This Is Your Life'.  We were lucky enough to have Jan's family, friends and colleagues, both current and from days gone by, to celebrate with us. There were video messages from ex-headteachers and ex-colleagues and even a message from the man responsible for hiring Mrs Bunting all those years ago, Mr Peter Dixon. 

The many speakers regaled us with tales of fun times, hi-jinx and unfailing kindness and generosity.  Those moments helped us all appreciate what a truly special person Mrs Bunting is to us all.

Holywell School would like to thank Mrs Bunting for her 26 years of service and wish her every success in her new adventures, whatever they may be.

Have a happy and restful retirement, Jan.  You deserve it!


It's almost the end of term!  We are all looking forward to a happy and restful holiday and hope you are too.

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 We have decided our own themes for our topics this term and have decorated our classrooms to reflect our 'WOW' activities

There is so much learning going on all around the school.

We can't wait to share our cooking and learning with you all at the end of term!

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