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Thank you for visiting our class page! Please check here for updates and information about the amazing learning taking place in our class. You will also find lots of useful information to help with learning at home.

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As Mayflower are apporoaching Year 1, we have been getting the children ready for the change. To help them we have been going to assembly everyday and having more adult directed time. The children have been adjusting very well to the changes and I am very pleased with their mature atititudes.


The children are looking forward to their school trip to Leeds Castle, it should be a wonderful day!


I would like to celebrate the amazing achievement Mayflower Class have made this year. All the children have made amazing progress and should be proud of all they achieved this year. 



We have continued to work very hard during June, now beginning Phase 4 phonics. They have been working very hard and are becoming more confident with all the sounds they have learned so far. The children have become more confident with their sentence writing and are choosing to write for various reasons in the child initiated learning.


In Maths, the children have been consolidating their numbers 1-20 and are beginning to understand tens and ones in teen numbers.



May has been an amazing month for Mayflower, the children have been working very hard developing all of their skills.


In Phonics and English, they have continued to consolidate their learning of the Phase 3 sounds and are using them in a range of sentences. Each day the children have been challenged to write about different themes. This has included describing different characters and settings and writing about their feelings.


In Maths, the children have been developing their understanding of addition and subtraction.



We have had a wonderful April, I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break and ate lots of chocolate. Since we have been back at school, we have already been very busy. This new term we are having a big focus on refining our key skills in reading, writing and maths.


In English, we have been working hard on writing our sentences, practising everyday! In Phonics, we are consolidating our knowledge of the phase 3 Sounds and trying hard to use them in our writing independently. I would like to remind parents that reading books are changed on Tuesdays and Fridays and children are epected to change their books on these days. Please read with your child daily and record your reading in your child's reading record book. This way we will know your child has read the book and it can be changed.


In Maths, we have been practising ways to add and subtract particularly by counting on and back. We have been engaging in challenges to allow us lots of different opportunities to practise. We are having Parent Maths on Fridays this term, please check the letter for the date you have been invited. We hope you can come along and join us.





March has been hectic! The children are making amazing progress in all their learning. They should all be very proud of themselves.


This month we had Science Week; an exciting whole school event. As part of this week, the children engaged in a range of science activities and experiences. The children learned about various scientific concepts including solids, liquids and gases, aerodynamics, forces and chemistry. The children were amazed at the many things they saw and learned. The children thoroughly enjoyed the week.


In Phonics and Literacy, the children worked on the book "We're going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen as part of the power of reading. They have begun learning the traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood using Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing method. The children have learned actions and language patterns so that they can retell the story. this method enables the children to talk sentences to help them develop their understanding of language and sentence structures before they begin to write their own. In Phonics, the children are working well with Phase 3 sounds and we are consolidating their learning with these into the next month. Please continue to read with your children daily, this will reinforce their Phonic learning and develop their understanding of text. Please remember, it is good for your children to read their books multiple times. Additionally, books are changed on Tuesdays and Fridays – please record your reading in your child’s reading record book so we know the children have read their book.


In Maths, the children have been developing their understanding of number recognising numbers to 20 and beyond. They have also been developing their understanding of adding and subtracting and ways to record their understanding. They are beginning to develop a good understanding of 2D and 3D shapes recognising their features and naming them. Finally, the children have developed their own fruit café. Decorating it with signs and price labels. The children purchase their snacks from each other helping them to develop their understanding of money.


At the end of term the children enjoyed joining in various Easter activities including the Easter Egg hunt and visiting the church for the Easter Service.



We have had a fantastic month in February. The children are making excellent progress in all areas of their learning. This month we had a special activity biscuits decorating to raise awarenes for Demelza House which all the children enjoyed. In their learning, they have almost reached the end of Phase 3 letters and sounds and will soon be moving on to Phase 4. Their reading and writing is progressing wonderfully and this is shown in the large quantities of writing the children are now producing. In Maths, the children have begun to develop their understanding of measures including length, weight and capacity. We have been thinking about our wider community and peoples beliefs with the 40 Acts of kindness which we started on Pancake day. As the weather is slowly getting warmer, the children have been exploring the outdoor area even more developing their understanding of mixing substances and exploring worms and invertebrates.





Happy New Year! We have had a fantastic start to the New Year. We have been reinforcing our understanding of number by using our knwoledge to count on and back from any given number to 20. We have also been using number sense to enable us to calculate fast addition. We have been developing a good understanding of measures also.


Our Power of reading focus this term has been Owl Babies. We have been doing all sorts of things to help us develop an understanding of the story. Including creating images in response and role playing the events of the story. We also performed the story as part of our class assembly. We did not have very long to learn this, but we tried very hard and hoped that everyone who came to watch the assembly enjoyed it.

Our phonic knowledge is developing fast and we are now working our way though Phase 3 sounds. Please check out Mr Thorne does phonics for ways you can help your child with their reading at home.


We have lots of wonderful opportunites to devlop our scientific understanding this term, especially with the wonderful snow! The children have been further investigating ice that has formed in the garden and have been making observations of the weather. Many children still have a keen interest in electricity and can be regularly found wiring something. We look forward to more exciting in February. Please check here again soon!




Mayflower are very excited its December and nearly Christmas! They have been doing lots in the classroom to get ready. They have decorated their own tree, written christmas cards, made and wrapped their own presents. In addition to this, they have been practising very hard for their Nativity taking place on the 12th, 13th and 14th of December. The children are all very excited to perform this!



November has set off with a BANG! I don't just mean bonfire night! The children are making excellent progress in all of their learning, we have been develooping our understanding of 2D shapes learning language like edge and vertices, we are now finding out all about money and currency. Ask the children how they can tell the difference between British coins and coins from other countries. They are learning all about poems and really enjoying sharing them in the Library.


In child initiated learning the children are still enjoying creating all sorts including; jewellery boxes, boats, aeroplanes and aircraft carriers! They are developing their writing skills through making plans, writing cards and drawing. Some of them have recently discovered the animal stencils and have been developing their pencil grip and fine motor skills using the stencils to make pictures of animals.





We have been exploring Black History Month and have had opportunities to learn African dancing and drumming. The children really enjoyed these experiences and we would like to thank Miss David for organising it all for us. We have been learning all about numbers to 5 and 2D shapes. We have also been learning the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n. Our Power of Reading book was "Bedtime for Monsters". The children really enjoyed exploring the book. In child initiated learning the children have been following their own interests to great effect. We have built motorbikes, campervans and ship wrecks. Made cards and pictures for parents, built boats and planes in the woodworking area, made jewellery boxes and magic wands.


October was also the first stay and play session, this was thoroughly enjoyed by the children. We hope to see you all again at the next session in November. Parent meetings have begun, please keep checking book bags for invitations.




Wow! September has gone by so quickly! Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to learn the expectations at school and adjust to our new environment. The children have settled into their new classroom very quickly and are learning where everything goes. We are all working very hard on tidying up and looking after our classroom. We have created a Class Charter linked to UNICEF Rights of the child. The children are beginning to understand what it means to have rights. At the same time, we have been learning so much! We have made new friends, learned new skills and are getting closer and closer to our Early Learning Goals! Please check your child's Tapestry and see what amazing skills they have begun to develop already. Next month we will learning all about what Harvest means, thinking about amazing space.. and whats out there, celebrating Black history month and developing our Drawing Skills with the BIG DRAW on the 21st.! We will be having our first Stay and Play afternoon on the 13th.  Finally, check your childs book bag for an invitation to a parent meeting!

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