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Year 2 - Viking Class

Welcome to YEAR 2 - VIKING Class!


Class Teacher - Mrs Warner

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Eakins

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Friday 10th November
This week in Maths we were looking at adding a two digit number to a two digit number.
We know that 56 + 34 = is the same as 56 +30 + 4 and we can show this in many ways.
We could add the tens and add the ones and then find the total or  we could make a number line and add the jumps of ten and then the ones.
We can do the same thing for subtraction so 56 - 23 is the same as 56 - 20 - 3.
We spotted a pattern on a hundred square. Whenever we added 10, we landed on the number below. If we took away 10, we landed on the number above. This week everyone is bringing home a piece of squared paper to make their own 100 square and practise adding/subtracting tens and ones.
In Literacy we finished our story about the Snail and the Whale and we are starting a story about a dog called Claude. He lives with Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes and his best friend is Sir Bobblysock. We are looking forward to hearing more of his adventures. In SPaG we have had fun using homophones and checking their meanings in a dictionary. We have also looked at our spellings ending in -le. We wonder if we will be able to spell them all.
We have also started to learn our songs for the Nativity Play which we are really enjoying. More details to follow soon.


Friday 17th November

We have been busy practising our play and we now have our lines to learn. Everyone in Year 2 is going to be a narrator. We are pretending to be children getting ready and telling a story on Christmas Eve before we go to bed. Please can everyone have a pair of pyjamas to wear as a costume for our concert? We need bare feet for our dance and please remember although fleecy pyjamas are cosy; it can get very hot under the lights in the hall. We do not need the costumes brought into school until Friday 8th December and please ask if you have any questions.

In Literacy we thought of games to play so that nobody feels left out at playtimes. We wrote these as instructions so we can display them to the whole school. Can you have a go at following or writing instructions at home? Perhaps you could follow instructions for a board game, use a recipe to make something delicious or write your own instructions? Remember how words such as first, next and finally can help you put the instructions in the right order.

In Maths we have been looking at calculations and checking if they are correct. If they were not correct, we had to try to explain where the person had gone wrong and what they needed to do. We also practised turning over numbers and saying the next three numbers going forwards and backwards. It was trickier than we thought it would be to say 1 less, 2 less etc from any number up to 100.

Our spellings were words with the ‘l’ sound using – al or –il.

pencil pupil metal petal hospital pedal fossil animal

Please practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s ready for next week.

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