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Year 3 - Oak Class

Welcome to YEAR 3 - OAK Class!


Class Teacher - Mrs Ball

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sellings

Term 2


It's been an exciting term so far!  We have had so many amazing experiences. Take a look through our photos and you'll see how we love to learn in practical ways.  This could mean sitting together in arrangements to show arrays in maths, making the earth out of playdough with Andrew Berry or acting out gruesome scenes from The Twits.

Term 2 - Maths

Term 1

Term 1 1 English Working Wall - Pebble in my pocket

We have been back at school for a few weeks now and our learning is going through the roof!

Our 'Power of Reading' book is coming to an end and we have enjoyed finding out all about nature and how the land has evolved over time through our book 'Pebble In My Pocket'.


Take a look at our working wall photo.  You can see that we have generated a lot of similies to describe the creatures in the book as well as writing poems that describe how we think about the different creatures and how they make us feel.


If you are interested in any of the things we found out about in our book, like the natural world and dinosaurs, have a look at the links below.