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Year 6 - Challenger Class

Welcome to YEAR 6 - CHALLENGER Class!


Class Teacher - Miss Diwell

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Crawley

Today we found out this Friday is "Football Shirt Friday" when Cancer Research are raising money for bowel cancer research in memory of Bobby Moore. We appreciate this is short notice for a whole school event however it is something our staff would like to support. Any families who also want to participate in this event are welcome to send children in wearing football shirts instead of a school shirt. Please note this is not a non-uniform event so please wear school skirts/trousers as normal.
or Text ‘SHIRT’ to 70200 to donate £5.
We will also be collecting money in school if neither of these options are suitable for you.



If you want to keep your children's brains (and possibly yours!) busy over Easter, have a look at the attached documents. There is a parent guide to each of the SATs papers along with some sample questions for the children to complete.


The documents are several pages long so it may be more eco-friendly to view the questions on the screen and record the answers on a sheet of paper.


Please do encourage your children to have a go at these or the games on BBC Bitesize in preparation for next term. Any areas they are unsure of there is plenty of guidance with the help sheets.


Have a lovely two week break.


Miss Diwell

Amendment to Parents' Consultation Meetings - Year 6 


Thursday 8th March, Friday 9th March, Tuesday 13th March


As Year 6 are fast approaching SATs and the confirmation of their secondary school placements, the meetings are for an extended length of 20 minutes. To accommodate this, the meetings will take place from 1:30pm. Attached is an amended Parents Consultation Letter for you to complete with your preferred time. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred appointment time, however, this may not be possible in all cases. Appointments are allocated on a first come first served basis so please return the form as soon as possible. 


Thank you.

Parent Consultation Meeting

Home Learning Activities

As well as building a snowman, here are some tasks for home learning this week:



1) In school we have started writing adverts for our own Spacesuit designs. Each child has created their own product name and has planned what exciting features their Spacesuit has. I have uploaded the example advert that we have been using to see what makes a successful advert. Some text features/writing targets to try and meet are:


  • bullet points
  • semi colons, colons
  • conjunctions (however, because, but etc)
  • rhetorical questions
  • passive sentence (recommended by..., laser activated by...)


Have a go a creating the first draft advert for your Spacesuit.


2) Use the weather as inspiration! You can use our learning from last term to write a newspaper report about the weather. Alternatively, write a short story about adventures in the snow. I have uploaded the writing targets for Year 6 for you to refer to - how many can you meet?



1) There are comprehension activities available for free on BBC Bitesize. These can be found at Deduction and Finding Information are the main areas to practice. 


2) Attached you will also find a differentiated Reading Comprehension about World Book Day. Decide if you think you are a 1, 2 or 3 star reader and complete the appropriate questions.


3) Just read! Use your time at home to read as many words as possible - will you be the next millionaire or multi-millionaire reader? Set yourself reading challenges: How many pages can you read in 10 mins? Can you finish a whole book in one day? How many new words can you look up in a dictionary?


Let us know how you get on back at school!

Home learning support - reading



1) There are some great sites to try Maths questions and games online. BBC Bitesize has various activities aimed at KS2 pupils. These can be found here: Key areas to practice are Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Multiplication and Division.


2) If you fancy testing your skills to earn marbles for the class, print off the attached test papers and give them a go! Bring them in to school and share your score. The Arithmetic Paper should take 30 minutes and the Reasoning Paper 40 minutes. 


3) Times Tables! Keep practicing these. Can you writing out a whole times table in under 1 minute? Can you set a times tables test for an adult? Try using place value knowledge as well as times tables e.g. 0.0003 x 12.


Bring in to school any practice you do to earn marbles!

World War Topic

ICT in Challenger Class

In ICT we have been practising our programming skills in preparation to making our own website page. Check back here soon to find out about our favourite school subjects, football teams, hobbies and more! The website link below shows how we have been developing our skills. 

Support at home

There are many comprehension texts available for children at a reasonable price that ensure they understand and can explain what they have read. 


A resource that I have found useful for this in the past is CGP comprehension. 

These are available from Amazon (among other sites) and provide short texts and questions for each one. They are published aimed at specific year groups, however, if your child needs a boost in reading, it may be advisable to start with materials for Year 3/4/5 and work up to Year 6. 



How do you rate your spelling skills? Do you think you could do with some extra practice? 

Have a go at Doorway Speller and see if you can master each level.


Click on the link above and enter the site to practice some of those tricky spelling patterns.


Some of the first levels maybe a bit easy for Year 6. Try starting C (First-Second Level) and see how you go. Be sure to update me on your progress!




And finally...


Throughout all of our learning at school we encourage children to use positive habits of mind. These are key strategies that children can adopt to help them build confidence and resilience in their learning journey. Although rewarding, learning something new can be a frustrating and difficult experience. To see how we support children to reach their learning goals, have a look at the attached document which outlines each habit of mind. By following these we hope children will have a happy and rewarding time at school.

Habits of Mind