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Year 4 - Cambria Class

Welcome to YEAR 4 - CAMBRIA Class!


Class Teacher - Mr Hopkins

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Vigar & Mrs Webb

Homes throughout the ages - Topic research

Use these websites to help you with your presentations about homes throughout history.

Recycled puppet instruction videos

Watch these videos with your group to get some tips on how to make your puppets!


More Snow day home learning

A few more activities to keep you occupied whilst school is closed.

We hope that you are all keeping safe during the wintry conditions and look forward to seeing you all when we return to school.

Mr Hopkins, Mrs Vigar and Mrs Webb :)

Have a go at some of these maths challenges - these would be useful revision of some of the learning we have done so far, so you could save some for another snow day/rainy weekend too!


Below are a few activities for you to try whilst school is closed.

Have a good snow day! From Mr Hopkins, Mrs Vigar and Mrs Webb :)

Our assembly this term will be on World Poetry Day. Have a read of these snow day poems and see if you can:

- Identify the features of the poem (Does it rhyme? Are the sentences long? What punctuation is used? etc.)

- Write a review for each one - did you like it? Why/why not?

- See if you can write your own snow poem! It could be about your days in the snow, or just about the snow in general! Let's see if we can have some to read for our assembly!

Have a go at a couple of these measurement activities. Maybe you could record your findings and bring them in to compare in school!

Test your maths skills with a new investigation! Can you solve the winter Olympic mystery?

Multiplication and Division games


Follow the links to work on your times tables. The Premier league primary stars website has a great game for mental maths too!

Gregory Cool - Dolphin and Shark research

Computing Spring 2 - We are HTML editors

Computing Spring 1 - A brief history of treasure


Here are some links for you to use to help you answer the questions you have been asked to research in computing. Remember not to copy the information from the page word-for-word - just make notes about a couple of interesting facts!

Year 4 Spellings 2017-2018

Below are the lists of spellings that we have been focusing on in Cambria this year. 

These will be updated weekly so that they are available if you would like to practice them with your child at home. 


Soon we will be uploading a link for different games and activities that can help support your child with their spelling practice in a fun and engaging way!

This term we are looking at volcanoes, earthquakes and zones. Below are some links to a couple of websites that the children have been using to make their own dangerous volcano fact files! Feel free to research some of the volcanoes at home yourself!