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Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Ball

Teacher, Senior Leader, Maths Leader, MFL Leader

Mrs Ball Facts



Mrs Banning

Teacher, Outdoor Learning Leader, Art & Design Technology Curriculum Leader, Science Curriculum Leader

Mrs Banning Facts

  • I LOVE Disney
  • Dancing is my favourite form of exercise
  • I am a morning person


Mrs Burch                                                                

Office Assistant

Mrs Burch Facts

  • I have 4 boys who were former pupils of Holywell School
  • I have eaten frogs legs and snails
  • I had a tiny part in a film as a pupil of a school


Mr Callaghan                                                                 

Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader, Primary Languages Curriculum Leader

Mr Callaghan Facts

  • I like flowery shirts
  • I play the guitar
  • I like cheese!


Mrs Crawley

Teaching Assistant, Maths Support

Mrs Crawley Facts

  • I love to do housework with my music on loud
  • I enjoy shopping, especially for shoes and bags
  • My favourite food is Nando's


Miss David    

Teacher, Senior Leader, History and Geography Curriculum Leader, SENCo

Miss David Facts

  • I am a keen cyclist
  • I love baking cakes
  • I like family days out with my children


Mrs Divers    

Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor, Foundation Stage Support

Mrs Divers Facts

  • I am fun to be around!
  • I enjoy reading
  • I have four children of my own


Miss Diwell

Teacher, UNICEF RRSA Leader, Philosophy, RE and Collective Worship Leader

Miss Diwell Facts

  • I have two goldfish named Bernard and Daisy
  • I used to live in Wales and visit there at least 3 times a year
  • I once built a pond with the famous conservationist, Bill Oddie.


Mrs Dyett     

Teaching Assistant, Art & Design Technology Support

Mrs Dyett Facts

  • I like anything to do with Art, even if it's messy
  • I love films that make me laugh or make me scared!
  • I have a collection of crystals


Mrs Eakins

Teaching Assistant, SEN Support

Mrs Eakins Facts

  • I come from South Africa and have lived in England for 10 years
  • I love a good braai (which means BBQ) with my family and I love cooking and baking South African food
  • I will always support the Springboks, the South African rugby team


Miss Harper

Teaching Assistant, SEN Support                                                                

Miss Harper Facts

  • I love my bed and am really not a morning person!
  • I found my pet budgie Tweety in my garden
  • I am the 6th of 7 children


Mr Hopkins


Mr Hopkins Facts

  • I used to play bass guitar in a band with my friends
  • I worked as a basketball coach in America for a summer
  • My favourite holidays are camping and skiing

Mrs Ingall

Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor, Science Support

Mrs Ingall Facts

  • I love spending time with my family
  • My favourite thing to do is to go on holiday and lay in the sun, reading a good book
  • I love shopping!


Mrs Mace

Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs Mace Facts

  • I love marmite
  • I have a black Labrador called Jet
  • I have spent the last year renovating my cottage


Mrs Martin

Teaching Assistant, English Support

Mrs Martin Facts

  • I like knitting and cross stitch
  • I enjoy watching Ice Hockey
  • My favourite food is pie!


Miss Osborne


Miss Osborne Facts

  • I love shopping
  • I enjoy spending time with my family and friends
  • I like going on holiday to hot places


Mrs Poulter

Office Assistant

Mrs Poulter Facts

  • I love Winne The Pooh
  • I love baking
  • I am half Norwegian


Mr Prior

Teacher, Foundation Stage, Music Subject Leader

Mr Prior Facts

  • I can fly gliders
  • I play the drums
  • I'm a huge Star Wars fan


Mrs Sellings 

Teaching Assistant, History and Geography Support

Mrs Sellings Facts

  • I am a happy person and I think if you are happy and positive, it will have a good impact on those around you
  • I like to exercise, go to the gym and dance to release stress, especially whilst listening to Doris Day (my hero)
  • I love twiglets so much that I would like to live in a world made of twiglets!


Mrs Shellard

Family Liaison Officer, PSHE and Citizenship Support

Mrs Shellard Facts

  • I can tap dance
  • I bake yummy cakes
  • I love animals and have had lots of pets from horses to mice


Mr Smith


Mr Smith Facts

  • I love Maths and I secretly do all of the maths challenges I see around the school
  • I love quizzes and shows like Countdown
  • I am a keen gardener


Mrs Snellings                                                                

Business Manager

Mrs Snellings Facts

  • I run Upchurch Guides
  • I have a big German Sheppard called Evie
  • I love camping


Miss Taylor

Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader, KS2 Leader, Computing Curriculum Leader, Assessment Leader, Coaching and Mentoring

Miss Taylor Facts

  • I used to play drums in a band - we weren't very good (but I was awesome)
  • I used to be a pirate and now I want to be a rally driver when I grow up
  • I love jelly beans, monkeys and shoes


Mrs Vigar

Teaching Assistant and Midday Meal Supervisor, PE Leader, Pediatric First Aid

Mrs Vigar Facts

  • I love dancing and listening to music
  • I enjoy watching the Grand Prix and driving my car
  • I support West Ham and enjoy both watching and teaching football


Mrs Warner

Teacher, Key Stage 1 Leader, English Curriculum Leader, PSHE and Citizenship Curriculum Leader

Mrs Warner Facts

  • I love, love, love reading
  • I enjoy decorating cakes with sugarcraft and would like to get better at this
  • I hate, hate, hate brussel sprouts!


Mrs Webb

Teaching Assistant, Midday Meal Supervisor and Cover Assistant                           

Mrs Webb Facts

  • I like horse riding
  • I like shopping
  • I like looking after my grandson


Mrs Wolff

Midday Meal Supervisor                                                                      

Mrs Wolff Facts

  • I like my holidays
  • I like family days out
  • I can shop till I drop!