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Week 5/6 - updated 28/10/18 - NEW!!!!!!!

Hi all,

         Greetings from the darker side of half-term. As I write this, it is 15:10 and it's already dark outside! Well nearly. Anyway, I hope you have all had a great break. I've been particularly busy which has meant I have been unable to make the promised video, but I hope these resources will suffice for the time being.


I have activated this term's (about one weeks worth) observations on Target Tracker Link. You should have received an email about these. Please log in and check. If I got carried away at parents evening and forgot to sign you up, please catch me on Tuesday and I will do this. 


It was great to meet with everyone who attended parents evening. I mentioned a specific Mayflower mathematics evening to a number of you. This will be an opportunity to discuss Mathematics in Early Years and a chance to share tips on how to deliver this at home. Stay tuned as this should be happening in the coming weeks. Everyone is invited. 


I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Stand by for Halloween, Fireworks, Remembrance Day and dare I say it... CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! (oh and the nativity).


Until then, please find the resources from the previous two weeks of Phonics by following the links below this post. 


Kind Regards


Mr. Prior