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“Where words fail, music speaks” Hans Christian Andersen

At Holywell Primary School, we endeavour to create a passion for music in our pupils which will continue to grow into their future lives. We offer an inspiring and engaging learning journey that allows every child to develop their musical ability, appreciate the value of music and the connections they may feel with it. We want pupils to develop an interest in music and a respect for the role that music may play in people’s lives.

Music can influence the way children feel, think and act; we want music to encourage the body and mind to work together, develop motor skills and allow children to express their personal, social and cultural identity. 

The music curriculum is planned using the Charanga Music Scheme. The scheme allows for the interrelated dimensions of music to weave through musical units and encourage the development of musical knowledge and skills. It provides wide exposure to musical styles and genres from different times periods and traditions and promotes the exploration of the language of music through active listening, performing and composing activities.

Each unit follows a sequence of learning: listen and appraise, singing, playing instruments, improvisation, composition, perform and share. This is sequenced in order to build on and develop knowledge and skills required to secure children’s ability and understanding of music. This approach ensures the children get a rich learning experience covering all aspects of music.


Pupils develop an understanding of how subjects and specific skills are linked to future jobs.

Here are some of the jobs pupils could aspire to do in the future as a Musician:

  • Theatre performer
  • Songwriter
  • Casting director
  • Musician