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School Opening Hours

16th November 2016


Dear Parents / Carers


As you are aware, from September 2016 changes were made to the start and finish times of our school day. Most parents seem to have adjusted well to the changes to our new finishing time of 3:15pm but the adjustments made to the morning routine still seem to be causing some confusion as some children are coming into school late. The revised morning schedule is as follows:


08.30am Gate opens

08.40am Children are collected by their class teachers from the playground

08:50am Gate closes

08:55am Class register taken

09:10am Register Closes


Children are expected to be on the playground between 8:30am and 08:40am ready for their teachers to collect them at 08:40am. If you arrive at school after the gate closes at 08:50am, you should report to reception to register your child and provide a reason as to why they are late. If your child arrives in class after the register has been taken, they will receive a late mark (L) up until 09:10am after which registration closes and your child will then receive a code (U) which registers as a missed session.


For your safety, please ensure you use the pedestrian gate on the playground to access school during morning drop off and evening pick up.


We hope this clarifies the revised routine and hope to see all of our children arriving at school promptly.


Yours sincerely,


Mr D Callaghan