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Carol Service KS2

KS2 Christmas Carol service

We will be holding a Christmas Carol Service for KS2 at the church, on Monday 19th December 2016 at 2.00pm.  Parents/Carers of children in KS2 are invited to attend the service to celebrate with us. 


We will be walking the children to the church after afternoon registration and will enter the church in year group order starting with Year 3.  Once all of the children are seated, parents are welcome to come into church and sit/stand at the back.   


Please note:  As there is limited space in the church and for health and safety reasons, we are sorry but will only be able to accommodate two parents per child. 


At the end of the service there will be a retiring collection for donations to the Foodbank.

At the end of the service, children will be dismissed from the church after being signed out by the class teacher and collected by their parent/carer.


Those not being collected will be walked back to school by the class teacher to be dismissed in the usual way.