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Looking for some english learning to do?  Check out some of the activities below!  Don't forget to check out the English games in Kids' Zone here


  • BBC Bitesize for Key Stage 1 have lots of English activities here
  • BBC Bitesize for Key Stage 2 can be found here for lots of activities


  • Brainpop has loads of activities available to try here


  • Check out CBeebies for lots of Early Years fun here


  • Find the english resources on Crickweb for KS1 here and Key Stage 2 here


  • For those wanting some SPAG work, check out Englicious here



  • ICT Games have games for many subjects.  The english games can be found here


  • IXL has lots of english activities organised by year group here


  • Phonics Play is free to use at home during school closedown by visiting their website here and entering Username: march20 and Password: home
  • Phonics Play Comics are also free decodable comics for all phonic stages and can be found here


  • The Reading Realm has many books and activities for you to read here


  • Find lots of spelling activities on Spelling Shed here


  • Storyboard Creator lets you create your own storyboards and characters for your stories here


  • Teach your Monster to Read is a fun online book website which is free to join here


  • Top Marks have many resources, activities and games here


  • Learn to touch type with Typing Club here